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Welcome to Joe's world. 

Joe Russo is a Creative Writer with backgrounds in movie, TV, and stage writing. 

Joe Russo is a traveling gypsy, residing in such places like Orlando, Florida; Katy, Texas and finally New York City, New York. His writing spans these cities and the people in them most notably in his short script, "The Hunt," and his stage play, "The Coffee Shop." As a teen, Joe was interested in theatre, but soon found that the stage was a little too bright and insisted that his presence belonged on the page. This is where he found Robert Mckee's Story and with this Joe wrote his first short script "A Chance to Remember Me" performed and shot by his friends and previewed at his graduation party to forced applause. 


Joe's writing borders the line between tragedy and comedy because, to him at least, that's exactly what life does. At times funny and light-hearted and at other times shocking and breath-taking Joe captures slice's of life that are near and true to normal everyday life.


Joe has been published in Linguistic Erosion, Father Stars Than These, Leaves of Ink and Door is A Jar magazine. Joe is currently working on second full length stage play entitled "(Color) Rose," about a struggling marriage, and a collection of short stories, "America's Sweethearts," which showcases interesting, odd jobs that nobody usually thinks twice about.

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